Each hunt is tailored to you, the hunter

The Trophy Hunt is an all inclusive package that includes meals, lodging, one on one guiding, field dressing and processing of your trophy.

Hunting Season. We open for hunts on October 1st and book hunts through mid December. A Michigan hunting license is not required to hunt at our ranch. We are state licensed.

Hunters can choose to hunt with either a rifle or a muzzleloader. We will be offering a limited number of bow hunts as well. All bucks within our enclosure will carry between 8 to 14 points and score from 130 to 160 B&C. When you are hunting within our enclosure, there will be no one else deer hunting buy you. The only exception will be if you bring along a guest as your hunting partner.

Guided service will be provided for each hunter. In addition to guiding, we will prepare your game once it is harvested. This includes field dressing, skinning and preparing your trophy for a shoulder mount. Arrangements can be made for caping your trophy to assist you with your taxidermy needs.
*Trophy fee will still be collected if a hunter is presented with a buck 140 B&C or above and the hunter opts to pass it up.

Accommodations are available if desired. Hunters stay as guests in our home and all meals are served family style. You will have access to your own kitchenette, bedrooms, and bath. Other lodging is available in nearby Cadillac (30 miles) or Houghton Lake (14 miles). There will be a $75 fee per day for all non hunting guests of the hunter.

  1. 130-150   $2,500.00                                                                                           
  2. 150-160   $3,000.00
  3. 160-170   $3,500.00
  4. 170-180   $4,000.00
  5. 180-190   $4,500.00
  6. 190-200   $5,000.00
  7. 200-210   $5,500.00
  8. 210-220   $6,000.00

 A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your hunting date. For more information or to book a hunt please call us at 231-328-4466 or email us

All Necessary documentation will be provided. Upon harvesting all required documentation will be supplied for transportation of your trophy.

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The Trophy Hunt is an all inclusive package that includes meals, lodging, one on one guiding...